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I have never seen Kickstarter pages with so many comments. There’s nine thousand comments and almost all are negative; most of which have never been replied to by the brand. It’s true, even the best businesses are going to have ‘haters’. However, the percentage here is unprecedented.

It’s funny how so many of these regular customers are having trouble with their best fake rolex, often never even getting them; yet reviewers and YouTubers seem to receive them quickly with no issues.

What’s even more suspicious is the Trustpilot page. Overall, the 4.1 rating isn’t too bad, but when you look at the reviews themselves, it’s split massively between full 5-star ratings and 1-star ratings. People are either in love with these watches or feel like they have been completely scammed. What’s more, the positive ones are frequently short and generic and almost all of the accounts leaving these 5-star reviews have only ever completed one review on the platform – that for Filippo Loreti.

I’d be interested to see if there is some sort of incentive in place, where buyers possibly get a discount or free item in exchange for a positive review. In the UK and other Western countries, this practice is outright illegal. Unfortunately, as I never received my product and the documentation with it; I can’t confirm what’s true.

The customer reviews on their own website don’t align whatsoever with the sentiment found on the others. Only 20 one-star reviews here, compared to thousands of negative comments on the Kickstarter…sounds perfectly legitimate to me.
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Interestingly, Filippo Loreti continues to use their Business Insider appearances in their marketing, I’m assuming to try and add some credibility. Indeed the popular website has released a string of articles on this brand, all utilising the lucrative affiliate program of course! Therefore, it’s no surprise that these ‘articles’ are entirely positive. Embarrassingly, Business Insider has been forced to alter these, due to the overwhelming number of complaints from customers about this brand. Once more, it’s the same theme cropping up again. No delivery, no responses.

I can confirm these best rolex replica are indeed exclusive; in fact, they take that principle to new heights. I’m yet to mention the quality of the products because we have a slight issue. The watch never turned up. At least it hasn’t at the time of making this post.

I ordered this on the 22nd September 2022, which is over two months ago at the time of writing. The watch still hasn’t even been dispatched yet; despite the 5-11 business day delivery estimate that was advertised during checkout.

Filippo Loreti claims this particular quartz watch is ‘made-to-order’ and some deeper delving into their website reveals a page that states it could take several months for delivery. I feel like I’ve been duped as this wasn’t made clear to me at the point of purchase and the follow-up email gave the 5-11 day estimate. I’m unsure what the extra $19 quick delivery charge was even for.
There is an overwhelming number of complaints that paying customers haven’t received their replica watches usa; several years after these projects have concluded. Many who did receive a watch are stating that the quality of the products is far from what was promised in the marketing.

They even started a third Kickstarter scheme before even ensuring all backers of the first two campaigns received their products; which is pretty unethical. From the looks of it, they are ‘redefining Italian luxury watches’ by not even delivering them.